Guidelines Parents

Guidelines to Parents

Check the diary daily of your ward after coming from school.

Co-operate your ward in Completing home work.

Investigate all the things of your ward after coming back from school if he/she comes with any thing, return to school on time.

If your ward becomes sick, inform in written to the school.

If any student does not reach his home till one hour after leaving the school inform that to school hence it could be taken proper action.

Guardians are not allowed to go in class during school hours contact to the principal in office.

Send your ward to school in neat and clean dress timely.

Put the name slip on the lunch box when you give the lunch box to your ward.

If any student does not follow the discipline of school, then his name will be deducted from Register.

Guardians will provide Co-operation in keeping discipline of students and will provide their view to school time to time.

If any students does not come till one week without any information, name of that student will be deducted by name deducting student passes out in admission process again.

Student are the symbols of reverence of school their character should be good every where out of school also it should not be hurted to the school Guardians keep attention for that.

Guardians should be in contact to the school management regularly.